Compared to buying, leasing a Mercedes-Benz car has a number of advantages: lower monthly payments, less commitment, and the ability to try out the newest Mercedes-Benz vehicles when they are released. However, when it becomes time for your lease to end, you have a few choices. Some people may choose to buy the car, while some may wish to return it and drive off in a new Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

No matter the reason you choose to lease rather than buy, you’re likely wondering what to do when you’re nearing the end of the lease. If you’re down to less than six months on your lease, it is time to start considering your options. Here at our Mercedes-Benz finance center, our friendly team of finance professionals is ready to help you make this decision.

You will have three options to choose from at the end of your lease. They are:

  1. Purchase your leased car. If you cannot bear the thought of leaving the benefits of your Mercedes-Benz vehicle, you can purchase it outright. We have a number of great Mercedes financing options and are happy to help you with the process.
  2. Return your leased vehicle and lease a new Mercedes-Benz car. Looking to drive off our lot in a new 2020 Mercedes-Benz model? Return your leased vehicle to our dealers and lease a brand new vehicle.
  3. Return your leased vehicle to us. Of course, if you’d rather just end your Mercedes-Benz lease completely, you can return it to our team of dealers.

Whether you choose option one through three, our friendly finance representatives are happy to help you through the process.