We’ve been a Mercedes-Benz dealer serving Boston, MA and surrounding areas long enough to know that people looking for a commuter car typically have a different set of priorities than motorists shopping for a vehicle for other reasons. Being commuters ourselves, we understand what drivers expect in a commuter car because we have similar wants, needs, and expectations.

What Drivers Often Expect a Commuter Car to Have

Comfortable seats are usually one of the first things that drivers tell us they want in a commuter car. With commute times often getting longer in year-over-year comparisons, it makes sense that motorists want a comfy seat to pamper them as they travel to and from work.

A quality sound system and an intuitive infotainment system are two of the other features motorists normally look for in a commuter car. Whether they travel on the highway or city streets as they make their way to and from their workplace, a lot of drivers look for advanced safety and driver-assistive features when they shop for their next commuter automobile.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles That Are Smart Picks for Commuters

As you go through our online inventory of latest Mercedes-Benz cars, you’ll see that many of them have all the attributes that commuters usually look for. Here are some of the Mercedes-Benz vehicles you should consider if you’re in the market for a commuter car:

Believe it or not, the automobiles listed above are just samples of the Mercedes-Benz models that are great picks for commuters. To find the luxury vehicle that’s best for you, shop with Mercedes-Benz of Burlington online. We look forward to helping you find and finance a premium commuter car!